About Us

This is the centre for promoting Stuckist Art in Wales. It is one of several International Stuckist Centres. Stuckists are in favour of creating conceptual art through the medium of figurative painting. If you feel that your artistic views are in sympathy with Stuckism, and would like to email us, we would be pleased to hear from you. We can also advise you if you are interested in forming a Stuckist Group.

This is also the website of the Wrexham Stuckists, which was established in November 2001 to promote figurative painting (as opposed to conceptual art) in the N. Wales area. Wrexham Stuckists are enthusiastic about the original Stuckist Manifesto of Charles Thomson and Billy Childish, while not necessarily agreeing with everything on the Stuckism International website. See here for artists associated with Wrexham Stuckists.

The original Wrexham Stuckists website can be seen here.