Hello. It's Grumpy again! You can talk to me below about any of the things we have been doing. Just enter some text into the box and press ENTER. Please forgive me if I don't understand your spelling!


Here are some videos:

Atmospheric Pressure and Real Image

Real Image of a Candle Flame

How to Draw a Horse

Adding Large Numbers

Fence Seen in Perspective

House Seen in Perspective (watch Fence first!)


The Globe Pub, painted in Acrylic

Subtracting Large Numbers

Coathanger and Circular Motion by Keith Gibbs

Schoolphysics Videos by Keith Gibbs

Sparks Flying off at a Tangent by Keith Gibbs

Moves in Chess

And here are some Lessons and Tests:

First Maths Test


Point In The Middle


Circle For Making Ellipse


Centripetal Force (Please watch Coathanger first!)

Two Times Table Quiz (Easier)

Six Times Table Quiz (Harder)

General Quiz

Three Times Table Quiz (Easier)

Eight Times Table Quiz (Harder)

What is Code?

Doing Some Coding (STUDY What is Code? FIRST!)