Ana Ribeiro

Difficult Realization
oil on canvas

This painting was inspired by the following words by Iris Murdoch:
"Love is the extremely difficult realization that something other than oneself is real"

My interpretation of Reality... We shouldn't be qualified just for our money, for our belongings, or for our family background, but for what we in really do. I see and I know many people who never had oportunity to go to an Art School, if we give a pencil and a piece of paper to them, they draw perfect lines, what sometimes take our breath away for such amazing results! "They never could be accepted in a Museum, because they never have been in a Gallery, so they will never have Fame, they will never make MONEY!!!"...
It's sad, but some people still thinking in this way, and the worst thing is, the people who think in this way are the one's who command our lifes! That's why lots of unknown Artists still being unknown now and forever! But because I am a person who never quit to live my dreams "here I am"...
Is the way I feel, is what I want to do... Is what I like to do.
I want to show to the other people what I can do. "Creating Poems, tracing the letters using Colours and Shapes, singing loud words with my Drawings and Paintings" :)
What I am always telling to the people around me, the World nowadays is a material world, what makes the people forget to give value to the other people feelings and real expressions. The Abstract for me isn't Art, I could call it an experimentation of colours, shapes, whatever, but the last thing I could call it was Art!
The Abstract Art Movement "appeared" after the Industrial Revolution, after the people start to give importance to the objects, to the number! The sense of Beauty and Perfection disappeared!
The people just want to do money from anything, and in the quickiest possible way! So, no time to expend drawing a perfect face, a couple of ordinary lines it's enough to represent it. Time it's money!
The Photograph isn't Art for me too, its a complement, we can use it to make Art, but I never could call it Art by itself! Now, I do a question, each value the Classics have in all of it, for example Miguel Angelo who painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling, Vatican, Rome; Claude Monet, who explored his fascination with the light, showing it to us in a perfect way??? That is what I call Art!
Like the Artist Tiana Fair, other Member of the Wrexham Stuckists, I say through my College and Arts Course years "I tried to get across the idea that a true artist should be able to paint and draw well before attempting 'abstract' work, otherwise anyone can call themselves an artist, but this did not go down too well."I am a Fantasy Romantic Artist, but my work is of a Realistic nature.

Ana Ribeiro's CV:
Born in 1979 in Portugal, Oeiras/Lisbon.
From 1997-2001 I gained good qualifications.
The British Embassy in Portugal/Lisbon, approved in compliance with the order recorded in the application filled of the Administrative Services from the Portuguese Education Minestry, I am qualified with "A" Levels of the Arts and Crafts Technological Course.
I am enthusiastic, energetic, with solid qualifications, and a compreensive skill-set achieved by work experience in environments demanding self-motivation and a focused approach(sales, promotions, cashier, marketing, computers). Responsible, who is always keen to learn new skills to make efficient use of, what I already have been studying, and resources available; able to comunicate at all levels, either to individual or a group.
Bilingual, Portuguese and English. Portuguese is my first language and English is my second.
Familiar with Italian, French and Spanish.
Apart of the Technological Course of Arts and Crafts, 7 years of English and 3 years of French Languages, I studied a Private English Course, all Courses attended in Portugal.
While working in Brittan I have been studying :
City Guilds NVQ level 2 in Food and Drink Manufacturing Operations;
City and Guilds NVQ level 1 Key Skills in Comunication(2004);
City and Guilds NVQ level 1 Key Skills in Application of Number(2004);
Health and Safety (Certificate);
Foundation in Food Hygiene(Certificate).