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Jumping Man
Animation using HTML5 canvas and JavaScript

Oil paintings
What a pity oil paintings are static!!!

Billy Childish and Vincent Van Gogh
Some inspiring views attributed to Billy Childish whose hero was Vincent Van Gogh.

Who Says That's Art?
Our Review of this Important Book

Found Objects
A thought experiment by David Bailey

Conceptual Art
David Bailey's Fascinating Critique of Conceptual Art

Stuckism and the Turner Prize
John Bourne on BBC Radio Shropshire

Interview With Charles Thomson
The co-founder of the Stuckists is interviewed for an American newspaper.

Stuckism Shot Down in Flames
The nonist website agrees with the Tate's decision not to accept a donation of Stuckist paintings

The Tree of Knowledge
Painting by Sara Jane Harper used for a conference on the value of knowledge

The advantages of Painting are listed

The Outsider
A few observations on Outsider Art