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Advantages of Painting

  • One of the 3 basic arts: Literature, Painting and Music.

  • Natural. Children Paint.

  • Simple equipment.

  • There is only the brush between the artist and the work.

  • Maximum control over the medium.

  • Imaginative. Not restricted to particular models.

  • Most conceptual works could be expressed as paintings.

  • The artist's ideas and feelings are in the paint.

  • Can be done by a single person.

  • Still, therefore a good object for contemplation.

  • A lot can be said in a small space.

  • A painting contains a whole world.

  • A painting resembles the thing it represents.

  • Painting is a universal language.

  • Does not require a symbolic notation.

  • Does not have to be performed.

  • Occupies the minimum of space.

  • Can be reproduced photographically.

  • Portable.

  • Inexpensive to produce.

  • Tried and tested.