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'Postgraduates' by John Bourne

This is the centre for promoting Stuckist Art in Wales. It is one of several International Stuckist Centres. Stuckists are in favour of creating conceptual art through the medium of figurative painting.

Billy Childish and Vincent Van Gogh

Some inspiring views atributed to Billy Childish, whose hero was Vincent Van Gogh.
See Here.

MOSTYN Open 20

'The Philosophy of the Dream' by John Bourne

8th July - 5th November 2017, Vaughan Street, Llandudno.
Stuckist artist John Bourne took part with artists from Belgium, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, China, Australia, USA and UK.
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Stuckist Exhibition in New York State

The period of the exhibition was: 22nd September - 29th October 2017.
Exhibition at the Quintus Gallery, Watkins Glen, NY. Includes work by Stuckist artist John Bourne. Visit Quintus gallery, N.Y..

New work by Charles Thomson

Remarkable paintings by co-founder of the Stuckists Charles Thomson. See here.