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"Postgraduates" by John Bourne

This is the centre for promoting Stuckist Art in Wales. It is one of several International Stuckist Centres. Stuckists are in favour of creating conceptual art through the medium of figurative painting.

Artists named John Bourne

The John Bourne on this website is by no means the only artist called John Bourne! The John Bournes of art span a fair period of history
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The Sovereignty of Countries

Stuckism Wales says: Just as we respect the art of every country, it is essential that the sovereignty of every country is respected.

And just as art is about Truth, it is essential that the leaders of all countries tell the truth to their populations and to the leaders of other countries.

Billy Childish and Vincent Van Gogh

Some inspiring views atributed to Billy Childish, whose hero was Vincent Van Gogh.
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