Jonathan Meyer

Graphic Street
digital photograph

I use a compact Fujifilm X100T camera that I can keep in my pocket as I move around doing every day errands. I enjoy taking pictures of striking architectural scenes where the light may be working in a way that creates an image that someone may not have seen before, or a building is juxtaposed with other elements that may make it less recognizable, but more compelling visually.

I also enjoy taking images of every day scenes in a way that creates new structures by moving the camera aggressively or adjusting the speed and aperture in a way to transforms the mundane into the interesting, or, if you will - surfacing the hidden images that lurk all around us.

I use Picsart on an iPad to post-process the pictures, sometimes heavily, to make more obvious the interesting textures, shapes and colors that are trapped within the image as it was captured.

Working in this way allows me to be creative without constantly searching for new places and situations to explore. It is also rewarding and nourishing to me to find beauty in the every day world around me when, without my camera and my iPad, it may be monotonous and uninspiring.