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If the inadequacies of Conceptual Art are to be properly exposed, then it is helpful to review what other theories of art may have offered so that we can judge for ourselves whether they have rightfully been consigned to the trashcan of history by the Conceptualists.

After all, it may just be possible that amongst the artistic wisdoms of former times are truths about art which are of present and future importance for the human condition. If this is the case, and I strongly believe that it is, then it is worth some considerable effort to assist, in whatever way we can, the growing band of those who wish to loosen the Conceptualist grip on the artistic establishment and media.

In portraying alternative theories of art, I shall not be attempting to portray them in exhaustive detail for this has been done by others far better qualified than I. What I shall be trying to do is to extract from those alternative theories of art some key points about art which seem to me to be important and which I think will continue to be so. Having identified key features from these alternative theories, I shall then be in a better position to show that it is the absence of these features which make Conceptualism so inadequate a theory of art and make Conceptual artworks so life-impoverishing to so many people.

However, it seems to me that there will be additional features of art which are not covered in this review of previous theories of art. These items are crucial to understanding the nature of art and are therefore dealt with in the section - Art also requires:

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