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Stuckists see themselves as the first Remodernist art group which strives 'towards a new spirituality in art' . Why do they believe this? Because they believe that during the 20th century, Modernism lost it's way and that the art now being put before the public is empty and not worthy of the name art. The following points 9 to 21 from the Stuckist document Remodernism amplify what Stuckists mean by spiritual art:
"9. Spirituality is the journey of the soul on earth. Its first principle is a declaration of intent to face the truth. Truth is what it is, regardless of what we want it to be.

10. True art is the visible manifestation, evidence and facilitator of the souls journey.

11. Being a spiritual artist means addressing unflinchingly our projections, good and bad, the attractive and the grotesque, our strengths as well as our delusions, in order to know ourselves and thereby our true relationship with others and our connection to the divine.

12. Spiritual art is not about fairyland. It is about taking hold of the rough texture of life. It is about addressing the shadow and making friends with wild dogs. Spirituality is the awareness that everything in life is for a higher purpose.

13. Spiritual art is the painting of things that touch the soul of the artist. Spiritual art does not mean the painting of Madonnas or Buddhas.

14. Spiritual art does not often look very spiritual, it looks like everything else because spirituality includes everything.

15. Spiritual art mediates between the mundane and the unconscious. By definition, the unconscious is what we need to explore and integrate.

16. It should be noted that technique is dictated by, and only necessary to the extent to which it is commensurate with, the vision of the artist.

17. Spiritual art is not religion. Spirituality is humanity's quest to understand itself and finds its symbology through the clarity and integrity of its artists.

18. Why do we need a new spirituality in art? Because connecting in a meaningful way is what makes people happy. Being understood and understanding each other makes life enjoyable and worth living.

19. We need an art that integrates body and soul and recognises enduring and underlying principles which have sustained wisdom and insight throughout humanity's history. This is the proper function of tradition.

20. The Remodernist's job is to bring God back into art but not as God was before. Remodernism is not a religion, but we uphold that it is essential to regain enthusiasm (from the Greek, en theos to be possessed by God).

21. The making of true art is man's desire to communicate with himself, his fellows and his God. Art that fails to address these issues is not art."

Let there be no doubt, there will be a spiritual renaissance in art because there is nowhere else for art to go. Stuckism's mandate is to initiate that spiritual renaissance now.
Conceptual art is arid and sterile because it over-emphasises man's rationality at the expense of his spirit. As Hans Hofmann writes:
"There are two kinds of reality: physical reality, apprehended by the senses, and spiritual reality created emotionally and intellectually by the conscious or subconscious powers of the mind."
As Conceptual artists are primarily making use of their intellects, it is unsurprising that they should fall short of creating that second kind of spiritual reality of which Hans Hofmann writes.

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